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Read patient reviews for Dr. Fauth and Cazenovia Dental.

We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Cazenovia area from their patient reviews. Dr. Peter Fauth and the staff at Cazenovia Dental are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned so many positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Dr. Fauth.

I want to thank Dr. Peter fauth and his staff for many years of excellent dental care.

The office administrators are professional and courteous. Any time that I have needed to change an appointment for a family member, or for myself, Marti and her staff go out of their way to make sure that my family’s busy schedule takes priority. They are also very good at making sure that any necessary paperwork is available and is completed correctly.

All of the hygienists are thorough and gentle. My family and i have never had a bad experience during an x-ray or a cleaning.

Finally, Dr. Fauth is a kind professional whose first priority is your comfort. He’s also extremely knowledgeable. He has successfully performed many procedures, some simple, some quite extensive, for my family and me. He has even called us at home later to make sure that everything was all right.

My family and I highly recommend Dr. Fauth and his caring staff.

Karin, Erieville

I am fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Fauth. For a variety of reasons, I have “dental anxiety.” Since I have become Dr. Fauth’s patient, my fear has dramatically lessened. I attribute this positive experience to three things: first, Dr. Fauth’s assessment and treatment of my dental needs are thorough, gentle and painless. The finished product is also beautiful! Second, his staff is friendly and compassionate, which helps me work through my anxiety. Third, his office has the newest and best technology available in dentistry, including amenities. I trust Dr. Fauth’s abilities to continuously, competently care for my dental needs. I would highly recommend him. I am relieved. Thank you, Dr. Fauth.

Sherry, Chittenango

We love Dr. Fauth’s! The staff is full of smiles. Speaking of smiles, Dr. Fauth takes great care of ours! They are truly a great team working together for the health of our teeth.

Carol, Morrisville

Before going to Dr. Fauth, i never felt my teeth were the best they could be. After consulting with Dr. Fauth, we decided to put a few veneers and two anterior crowns on. I now have a confident smile and beautiful front teeth. I loved Dr. Fauth’s attention to detail, and the result was perfect. He was kind and patient every step of the way.

Susan, Fayetteville

Dr. Peter Fauth can perform miracles. He did, for me. When i first came to him I never thought he could solve a huge problem in my life – my crooked, gap-toothed overbite. No other dentist had even tried, and now I was 60 years old and resigned. But Dr. Fauth took me on, and a few months later of braces (at my age!) I had straight teeth and a smile I no longer have to hide. Dr. Fauth, I thank you. This smile’s for you!

Marilyn, New Woodstock

Dr. Fauth has taken excellent care of my family for over 28 years. Just last year I decided to be fitted with invisalign braces. I could not be more pleased and excited about my new look. My husband comments all the time about how great my teeth look. Even after all these years of expecting excellent care, Dr. Fauth and his special, caring staff outdid themselves! Thank you so much!!

Jennifer, Fabius

I have always wanted straight teeth, and finally, after 40 years, i decided to do something about it. Dr. Fauth recommended invisalign – the clear invisible way to straighten teeth. I did not know what to expect. It was easy, comfortable and amazing to watch my teeth straighten. The results are awesome.

The folks at Dr. Fauth’s office were very helpful and supportive through every step of the process. I am so pleased i made the decision to do it. I love my new smile. Thank you, Dr. Fauth!

Sue, Cazenovia

Dr. Fauth is said to practice painless dentistry. I used to think that was an oxymoron, but no longer. He actually performs it! Together with his great skill, friendly, competent staff, and big screen TV for each dental chair, dentist appointments are actually something to look forward to.

My wife and i have been going to Dr. Fauth since 1998, when we moved to Cazenovia. Last year he put veneers on my wife’s front teeth. It is hard to imagine that she could have looked any better, but Dr. Fauth achieved the unimaginable. We were both very pleased with the results.

After seeing what Dr. Fauth achieved with my wife, Nancy, I asked him if he could fix my discolored and misshaped front teeth. He said sure, and two visits later i got a whole new smile. I should have done this 60 years ago, but then again, at that time, Peter Fauth wasn’t born yet. Regardless, he did a great job, and i am even more handsome today!

Rusty, Cazenovia

I chipped my front teeth in an accident and had been smoking for 30 years. I decided enough is enough, I quit smoking and decided to have a smile makeover. Dr. Fauth transformed my smile with natural all-porcelain crowns. It looks fantastic. I now love my new smile.

Cindy, Cazenovia

Due to no dental care as a child, I truly feel I wouldn’t have any of my own teeth, if it weren’t for Dr. Fauth and staff. All of his “corrective” work has been painless and lasts.

Without worry, I can travel and I know I could “hand” a strange dentist my Dr. Fauth toothbrush . . . Call his number for my background info!

Or Marti would come to the rescue. She graciously offers to pick me up if my husband doesn’t get our car home in time for my regular appointment.

I’ve benefited from professional caring dental hygienists who notice I do floss well because of my concern to keep my teeth.

A couple years ago an alert hygienist expressed a concern about a skin discoloration on my face. Skeptically, I went to a dermatologist for the first time; that area was precancerous! What a great way to help me more. My doctor had never noticed this “spot.”

Thank you all so much.

Rosalia, Cazenovia

Dear Dr. Fauth: I want to take a few moments to express how excited and pleased I am with my “extreme dental makeover” you have given me. I was always inhibited to smile. Essentially, i would only grin because I was embarrassed about my teeth. But because of your expertise and artistry with the straightening of my severely crowded lower teeth and my new porcelain crowns, it has literally changed the way i feel about myself and how I interact with my friends and clients. I would also like to compliment your staff, who has been first class – just super! My only regret is that I didn’t have this done 25 years ago. Please feel free to use me as a reference and post this note where you deem appropriate.

John, Dewitt

When i came to Dr. Fauth’s practice in 1989, i came with “dental baggage.” Growing up, i had never had Novocain for dental work, so my memories were quite painful and I feared the dentist very much. Being a patient of Dr. Fauth’s has all but erased those memories. His claims are true—he practices pain-free dentistry, and for that i am very thankful. But what is just as important to me is that I know, that for me and my family, our mouths are in the best of care. I would characterize his practice as professional, efficient, and of the highest quality.

Kristin, Cazenovia